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VO Event a Success!

The Assyrian Chaldean Syriac Student Movement of Chicago held a cultural event on Friday, May 30th, 2008.  ACSSM was proud to host, “Vincent Oshana:  Live in Chicago!”  The event was planned by our Educational and Social Events Committee and was a month-long process.  It took hours upon hours of planning and extensive work to bring this event to fruition and in the end it was a HUGE success!! 

The Assyrian comedian, Vincent Oshana, popularized by his stand-up comedic acts on Comedy Central and Showtime was contacted by ACSSM Educational and Social Events Committee about doing a live show in Chicago.  The idea was to raise funds for our organization, recruit new members, and deliver a generous donation to our needy peers in our sister student and youth union, Khoyada d’Yalope, in Iraq.   

After much hard work and many hours of planning, the big day had finally arrived!  Everyone was excited for the show, from ACSSM members, members of the Assyrian and Chaldean community, and even Vincent himself.  As the doors to the show opened, more and more people began to arrive and fill the ChaldoAssyrian Community Center.  In the end, ACSSM had packed the venue with over 500 Assyrian, Chaldean, and Syriac youth from the Chicagoland area in the quest for tangible unity.  It truly was sight to see!  

Vincent Oshana gave the show of his life.  Through his comic relief, ACSSM was able to stimulate the youth in our community and get everyone together in one auditorium to celebrate and relate to our unique and often times misunderstood culture.  This was a feat in and of itself, and it sends us all a great message:  the potential for our community through our youth is very promising!  All we need is a few little pushes, and this event was the first of many to come!   

ACSSM is very proud of the outcome of this event.  We accomplished every goal we set out to achieve.  We are proud of our organization, in general, and our committee, in particular.  We would like to thank our committee for leading us through a successful and prosperous event not only for our members, but for our struggling peers in Iraq.  ACSSM is on its feet, and we will not slow down!  We plan to use the momentum from this event to plan many activities, lectures, picnics, and parties in the upcoming months.  We will never stop in our ultimate goal of promoting education and unity for our youth within and outside the Chicagoland area.  



Arbella Rasho and Carol Georges are the co-chairs for the Education and Social Events Committee of ACSSM.



ACSSM Hosts: Vincent Oshana LIVE in Chicago!!

ACSSM and the Committee on Educational, Fun, and Social Activities proudly presents Assyrian Comedian Vincent Oshana LIVE in Chicago for May 30, 2008.

Part of the proceeds of the event will be going to help out a charity for our needy people in Iraq. Not only will you have a great and fun time, but you will also be helping support our roots and future in the lands of our ancestors, Bet-Nahrain!!

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5/30/2008 Update: Remaining Tickets Sold at Door for $30 USD.

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Buy Tickets In-Person (Cash only) at Nineveh Building (8324 N. Lincoln Ave., Skokie, IL) from 8pm to 9pm on the following dates:

Thursday May 15, 2008

Friday May 16, 2008

Monday May 19, 2008

Wednesday May 21, 2008

Friday May 23, 2008

Monday May 26, 2008

Wednesday May 28, 2008


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