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CASYCA Snapshots of Atra!!

ACSSM would like to congratulate our national student and youth organization, ChaldoAssyrian Student and Youth Council of America “CASYCA”, on their successful and educational trip planned by the CASYCA Destination Assyria Committee to our ancestral homeland Bet-Nahrain, North Iraq.

From our dialogue with our colleagues that traveled to Atra we have discovered that not only did they march hand-in-hand with our student and youth scouts in Nohadra, but they also had the opportunity to participate in high-level meetings with the Khoyada d’Yalope d’Iraq.

ACSSM of Chicago is standing by for a complete report and press release from CASYCA regarding the success of Destination Assyria and the minutes of the meetings held with our sister national branch, Khoyada d’Yalope d’Iraq.

For now, please ENJOY pictures of the students and youth of Khoyada d’Yalope d’Iraq and Zowaa that organized the amazing and Al-Iraqiya covered 65,000 person AKITU parade of Nohadra. These are our patriotic peers, our role models, and our solid roots that we, in the Diaspora, have built our foundation for a future Assyria on.

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Courtesy of CASYCA Social Action Vice-President and participant in Destination Assyria 2008, Suzan Younan


ISDP Internship Program – APPLY NOW!

In path towards growth, the Assyrian Chaldean Syriac Student Movement (ACSSM) in order to stay true to our mission of unity and progress have become the official Chicagoland branch of the ChaldoAssyrian Student and Youth Council of America (CASYCA) with sister branches in Modesto, CA, San Jose, CA, and Phoenix, AZ.

In partnership, CASYCA has established the ISDP Internship Committee. This committee will be working with ISDP to market, recruit, and select the best candidates for a 3-month internship in Washington D.C. with ISDP’s Project Director, Michael Youash. This rare opportunity will not only benefit resumes and future occupational opportunities in D.C., but will also help alleviate the suffering and the ambiguous future of the indigenous Assyrian Chaldean Syriacs in their homeland in North Iraq, in particular, and the securement of Iraqi Democracy, in general.

Please read the following documents and apply!! Best of Luck to all applicants!

The Charter of CASYCA’s ISDP Internship Committee

The Description & Requirements of the ISDP Internship Program

The ISDP Internship Application

For any comments, questions, or concerns, please e-mail

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