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ACSSM Board of Directors

Nahrain Rasho


Born in Chicago on February 24th, 1987. In the past, she has participated in many Assyrian events and activities proudly acknowledging her Assyrian heritage. Throughout High School she was an active member in the Assyrian club and later on joined ACSSM to help stimulate the growth of student participation in the Assyrian Chaldean and Syriac community. Currently, Nahrain is in her 4th year at University of Illinois in Chicago and majoring in Political Science. She plans to further her education in law school and pursue a career as successful female Assyrian attorney.


Andrew Lazar


Born in Chicago on March 10th, 1987. Andrew has always been involved in the Assyrian community and was an active member of youth sports for Assyrian leagues. He would constantly attend Assyrian parties and events, but wanted to be more involved. After joining the ACSSM weeks after it was created, he helped tutor children in classes they were struggling. Soon, he became a chairman for a select committee called “fun nights”, arranging events for our Assyrian youth to raise awareness and recruit new members to ACSSM. Andrew currently attends DePaul and is double majoring in management and marketing.


Gabrial Babella


Born in Chicago on November 3,1989. Gabrial graduated Lake park high school in 2008 and is currently a student at the College of Dupage. He has traveled all over the world and has met with Assyrians in different communities such as Sydney, Australia, Toronto, Canada, London, England and others around America. He has been a member of ACSSM since summer of 2006. He strongly believes and pushes to bring unity and awareness within the young Assyrian community of Chicago.


Rania Jando


Born in Iraq on February 24th 1985. Rania has always been involved in the Assyrian community. She has been an active member of ACSSM since 2006. She is double majoring in Social Worker and Law at Northeastern.


Arbela Baba

Social Director

Born in Chicago Illinois on December 8th 1986, Arbela Baba has been involved with the Assyrian community and various Assyrians Clubs her whole life. During her four years at her college prep high school Loyola Academy, Arbela attended and led many religious retreats with the school and helped in many community service settings. Also she started the only Middle Eastern Club at Loyola Academy. She now is currently studying her senior year at DePaul University getting her major in Marketing. Throughout college, Arbela has been an active ACSSM member for two years since the group was established. Arbela has plans to help unite and educate the Assyrian youth in Chicago and the youth groups all over the US.


Menashi Aprim

Marketing Director

Born in Chicago December 17 1986. He has always been a active member in the Assyrian community.He has been a part of youth committees and Assyrian athletics. Menashi is currently studying culinary arts at Kendall college. He hopes to earn a degree and become a chef. His goals are to unify our youth of Chicago and expand to unifying our youth of America.


Isaac Shamoon

Education and Fine Arts Director

Born in Chicago on August 23th, 1989. Isaac has currently taken position at ACSSM as the Minister of Education of Fine Arts.  I have not been with ACSSM from the beginning but I have been in it from pretty early on.  I have helped with events thrown by ACSSM such as Assyrian Martyrs day, college night, and other fun and social outings and events.  Ultimately, being the Minister of education I am most excited about the fine arts and getting our youth involved and educated within the fine arts.  It’s 2008 and these days without an education it doesn’t matter who you are you don’t have a good chance of getting somewhere.  Our goal is to enhance the numbers of our youth being educated.


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