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Mission: To Advance the Nation’s Agenda

On February of 2008, several of the nation’s youth, across America, convened in Arizona to discuss the nation’s current situation. It was unanimously agreed that our preeminent Nation would no longer stand divided. As a result, youth from every imaginable institution attended this historic event. Our message was simple, yet so powerful, we as one blood line will stand united to preserve and promote our sacred heritage bestowed upon us.

The attendees demonstrated that discourse, debate and dialogue are imperative in order to progress in today’s atmosphere. After countless hours a constitution was democratically ratified by the representatives present. Most notably, all of CASYCA’s efforts will aim towards ameliorating the nation using the youth, exclusively, as the impetus.

The following are essential elements ratified in the constitution that are worth mentioning. Firstly, CASYCA will continue to strive in the unification process of one people. Secondly, to prevent assimilation of the Nation’s youth by engaging the youth in endeavors such as political, cultural, educational, athletic and various social activities. Thirdly, CASYCA will thrive in raising awareness of issues relevant to the nation both with its own community as well as the American community. Finally, CASYCA will aim to become a federation for youth and student organizations across America.

It is our conviction, as members of the ChaldoAssyrian Students and Youth Council of America, to continue this nation’s legacy. The future unequivocally looks promising. As many of this youth are first generation scholars, warriors, with unshakable fidelity to their nation, the future will shine bright once more. Our brave forefathers are among us as we continue forward with one vision!

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